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Our Services

CASp and ADA surveys

CASp and ADA surveys of commercial properties, retail stores or centers, entertainment facilities, bars and restaurants, office buildings, medical buildings, industrial buildings, hotel/motels, multi-family residential buildings or any type of buildings or facilities that serve the public.

Plan Review

Not all plans are designed and plan checked by certified CASp’s. Be confident that your building or facility is compliant when completed. Avoid costly delays and revisions to your plans by ACIS providing a complete and thorough review. Ensure that you get the results that you pay for!


Train your staff! ACIS will tailor a seminar for your organizational needs. Great for Facility Divisions, Building Departments, Construction Companies Universities, Public Works Departments and a wide assortment of entities that must build and maintain the built environment.

Construction Consultant

Many jurisdictions now require private CASp inspections prior to final inspection of a project. Experience and training of building department staff can range from novice to expert. Deficiencies typically do not show up until FINAL inspection, after all finishes are complete. These are the most expensive time for repairs. Don’t wait! Have ACIS eliminate the problem before it becomes a problem.

Building Department Consulting

ACIS can provide part time or full time staffing depending on your need. Senate Bill1608 requires that Commencing July 1, 2010, a local agency shall employ or retain at least one building inspector who is a certified access specialist and Commencing January 1, 2014, a local agency shall employ or retain a sufficient number of building inspectors who are certified access specialists to conduct permitting and plan check.

Pre Lease / Purchase Surveys

The first thing we hear from people involved in litigation is “This is my landlords or this is my tenants responsibility”. Assembly bill 2093 requires that all new leases include a disclosure stating whether or not the subject premises have undergone inspection by a CASp. If so, the lessee is entitled to a copy of said report. Be prepared and informed for these unseen, potential problems by using this strategic service. Protect your business!


DAIC Display

State of California Disability Access Inspection Certificate (DAIC) to display at your Business.

Qualified Defendant

CRASCA report that provides “Qualified Defendant” status under California law.

Barrier Determination

A determination of all Readily Achievable Barrier Removal items.

Schedule of improvements

Schedule of improvements of Readily Achievable Barrier Removal items.

Certified Access Specialist Program (CASp)

Over the last 20 years, progress has been made toward more accessible communities. Yet, significant gaps in access persist, despite the efforts by many to comply. In recent years, there have been increasing numbers of lawsuits filed against businesses asserting that violations of the ADA prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing goods and services. In an effort to increase access and at the same time to reduce the number of lawsuits, the California legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 1608. It is a bi-partisan legal measure to promote increased ADA compliance through mandatory continuing education for design professionals and the establishment of a Certified Access Program (CASp).

A certified access specialist (CASp) is a person who has been tested and certified by the state that business owners can hire to assess accessibility. SB 1608 sets up a process whereby business owners can voluntarily hire a CASp to inspect their buildings to ensure compliance with disability access standards and obtain an inspection report as proof of inspection. A business implementing recommendations of a CASp would be entitled to a 90 day hold on any legal proceedings and is eligible for an early evaluation conference.